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We keep our promises

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

Our Business Plan for RIIO-ED1, 2015 to 2023, was ambitious and industry leading. Building on this impressive platform, we have listened to our stakeholders and will deliver an even bolder set of stretching commitments for RIIO-ED2, driving a smart, sustainable energy revolution for the communities we serve.

In this chapter, we explain what we have learned from our work during RIIO-ED1. It details how our experiences and successes have shaped the business towards four distinct, but inter-dependent outcomes we will now deliver in RIIO-ED2.

In RIIO-ED1 we have delivered exceptional performance in the areas of our core, traditional responsibilities as a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and we were the only DNO to be fast tracked by Ofgem. We have proven that we keep our promises to customers and deliver on our commitments. We have worked tirelessly to supply safe, reliable and a ordable power for our customers, led the way in net zero, and protected the most vulnerable in our communities and helping to tackle fuel poverty.



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One of our core commitments:

93% overall customer satisfaction or higher, with separate reporting for emerging technology customers. 

Throughout RIIO-ED1 we have:

top performing DNO

with an average score

of over


5 million

proactive calls to

vulnerable customers


fuel poor customers

save more than

£37 million

Top rated

utility company in Ofgem’s

Stakeholder Engagement and

Consumer Vulnerability incentive

for eight years


reduction in power cuts

and a

48% reduction in

power cut duration.

Reduced our business

carbon footprint by



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