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What we've heard

What we've heard

For National Grid, when we engage with our stakeholders and customers, we do so with purpose. Beyond a straightforward ‘listen and respond’ approach, we seek to actively partner with stakeholders to develop effective plans and strategies – and a clear line of sight between the engagements conducted, feedback collected, and proposals put forward must be evident.

Synthesis Reports 

Due to the significant scope and scale of our engagement programme, having an effective approach to collecting, organising, and examining feedback is crucial. We achieve this via a rigorous ‘synthesis’ process - which includes detailed summary reports.

Synthesis reports enable us and our stakeholders to review consolidated feedback at a single source, making it possible to track our transparent co-creation process from start (the engagement conducted and feedback collected) to finish (the decisions made in response).

Corroborated by an external party to ensure completeness and quality of data, our synthesis process provides assurance for our stakeholders that all feedback is included and the total body of customer and stakeholder opinion is represented.

Since 2019, seven synthesis reports have been produced:

Synthesis Report 1 - Preliminary Engagement 

Synthesis Report 2 - Business Plan Development 

Synthesis Report 3 - Defining Outputs 

Synthesis Report 4 - Business Plan Refinement 

Synthesis Report 5 - Business Plan Acceptance and Gap Analysis 

Synthesis Report 6 - Q1/Q2 2022 

Synthesis Report 7 - Q3/Q4 2022

You can find out more about our stakeholder engagement here: Have your say



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Have a question or feedback?