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Our Business Plan 2023-2028

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us. 

Further information on our plan

Every penny that we spend is paid for through customers' bills. That's why, for us, it is vital that when developing our plans that customers are involved and are at the heart of what we do. So, we've created a future plan having listened to thousands of your views, ensuring that we deliver a service that meets your needs, now and for future generations.

A net zero carbon footprint by 2028, £60 million of savings for fuel poor customers and a network ready to connect up to 1.5 million electric vehicles in the next five years - that's just some of the ambitious commitments National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) is making to customers across its region - while keeping our portion of the bills relatively flat. 

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Some of our commitments:

Net zero

NGED to be net zero by 2028 for our own business carbon footprint.

Heat pumps

Ready for 600,000 heat pumps.

Power cut reductions

Customers on average experience only one power cut lasting, 22 minutes every two years.

Vulnerable customers

£60 million saved by 113,000 fuel poor customers.

Customer satisfaction

93% overall customer satisfaction.

Our Business Plan 2023 – 2028

December 2021

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Document Library

Core documents - These documents will allow you to find out more about how we intend to operate a cleaner, smarter and affordable network that continues to offer high levels of customer service to all.

Supplementary annexes - You'll find further details on our plans for 2023-2028 in our associated documents.

Business strategies - In order to effectively deliver on all of our promises in the plan, a series of strategy documents have been created that detail the tactics that we'll deploy to achieve them. Within this section we have also included the consultation documents that we preapred earlier in the year to enable stakeholders to have their say and feedback on our intial plans. These consultations have been vital to the publication of the business plan, with over 25,000 stakeholders sharing their views. 


We will be running events and workshops to look at our core commitments in more detail. Explore the calendar below to find out what’s coming up.

Business Plan Webinar - December 2021

We recently held a webinar with stakeholders to present our RIIO-ED2 Final Business Plan. 

The webinar consisted of a 20 minute presentation and a 25 minute Q&A. 

Webinar presentation slides download

Webinar Q&A document download







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