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Delivering a smart and flexible electricity network

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

WPD is leading an energy revolution, delivering a smart, digitalised electricity network to enable net zero for our stakeholder by as early as 2028. We are driving the shift towards a low carbon, net zero future for our customers and work is already well underway to transform the energy grid to achieve this. Over the five year period 2023-2028 we will turbo charge the pace of that change in order to meet the energy needs of our customers today and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Net zero cannot happen across our regions without WPD. We take this responsibility very seriously and are determined to be highly ambitious, adaptive and efficient in everything we do. This in turn will ensure that our route to net zero is quick, effective and seamless for our customers. Above all, the smart future must be inclusive for all, so we will ensure no one is left behind in the shift to adopt and benefit from low carbon technologies (LCTs).

The work we will undertake to deliver a smart and exible network will have a transformative impact on our entire business. We will utilise digitalisation and innovative solutions at every opportunity to improve our service provision for customers, develop entirely new ways of operating and enhance our overall efficiency.



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One of our core commitments:

130 local authorities actively partnered to deliver ambitious Local Area Energy Plans, with 90 local energy surgeries a year.

The impact of our innovative proposals will be in four key areas:

Low carbon technologies

Making it quick and easy

for customers to connect

their electric vehicles

and heat pumps

when they want to.

Flexibility services

Keeping costs low

by only reinforcing

the network

when it is the

best and most

economical solution.

Community energy

Driving the expansion

of community led

renewable energy

connecting to the network.


Open data

Offering easier

and automatic access

to extensive

network data


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