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Our commitments

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

Our stakeholders have led us to identify 42 core commitments that we will deliver over the five year period. These core commitments and supporting wider commitments have extensive stakeholder support and contribute to achieving the four overarching strategic outcomes for customers. A sustainable and a affordable smart energy future can only be achieved if our stakeholders can deliver their net zero aspirations when they want to and at a price they can afford.

This chapter details the ambitious programme of activity we will deliver in RIIO-ED2 to ensure that our vision to enable net zero for a sustainable future is realised. Building on an impressive track record, our plans focus on delivering excellent customer service, harnessing the benefits of a smart future, driving industry leading sustainability plans and prioritising digitalisation and innovation to ensure we operate efficiently.



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One of our core commitments:

WPD to be net zero by 2028

for WPD's own business carbon footprint.

Our overarching strategic outcomes:



Lead the drive to 

net zero

as early 

as possible.



Customers can easily

connect their electric vehicles,

heat pumps and

renewable generation.



First class vulnerable

customer support programme

where everyone benefits

in a smart future.



Maintain excellent customer service,

safety and network performance

and transform the energy grid

for future generations,

while keeping bills broadly flat.


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