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A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

Our comprehensive expenditure plan is designed to help us deliver a network which meets current requirements and lays the foundations for the future. Building on the successes of RIIO-ED1, our RIIO-ED2 plan enables us to provide the network capacity required to support the decarbonisation of energy, continue to deliver excellent customer service and ensure that the network remains reliable.

We are proposing to spend £6.7 billion across the ve years of RIIO-ED2, which is an increase of £1.4 billion from current levels. The main increases in expenditure relate to network reinforcement to provide additional network capacity, operational IT to enhance network operations as power flow management becomes more complex and IT to enhance data systems as part of our digitalisation programmes to harness the benefits of a smart future and to provide enhanced cyber security.

This chapter sets out our high level expenditure plans for 2023 – 2028 across all four licence areas, to achieve our ambitious but realistic and efficient plans.



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