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Giving customers a stronger voice

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

Building on an impressive track record during the last regulatory period, our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan focuses on delivering excellent customer service, harnessing the benefits of a smart future, driving industry leading sustainability plans, and prioritising digitalisation and innovation. We will do all of this while supporting our most vulnerable customers, tackling fuel poverty and ensuring bills remain affordable for everyone.

We have undertaken our most comprehensive and inclusive stakeholder engagement programme ever. Using a co-creation approach, we have developed the Business Plan from a blank sheet of paper, ensuring it is prepared with our customers, for our customers and contains ambitious, impactful commitments.

More than 25,000 stakeholders have had their say (over 7,300 via direct, in person engagement) as part of a rigorous consultation programme that will continue beyond the submission of this final Business Plan. Insights from more than 70,000 bill paying customers and their representatives have also informed our approach and proposed commitments for RIIO-ED2.



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One of our core commitments:

Lowest ever power cut levels.

Improve the current average customer experience to one power cut lasting less than 22 minutes every two years. 


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