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An ambitious vision for the future

A future vision created together with customers, delivered by us.

The future of energy has never been more exciting. Western Power Distribution (WPD) is leading an energy revolution; delivering a smart, digitalised electricity grid by 2028. By doing so we will drive the nation’s achievement of net zero carbon emissions, accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and roll out flexibility services to always maximise the efficiency of the existing network before we need to build more infrastructure.

More than 25,000 stakeholders have helped us to co-create our vision for 2023-2028. They have stretched our ambitions, made us think differently and developed a range of challenging commitments that will deliver outcomes of huge social value, all at an affordable cost.

This chapter is a summary of our RIIO-ED2 Business Plan which is aimed at providing the background needed to fully understand how we operate and how we have got to this stage of the process. 



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One of our core commitments:

Regions achieve net zero by as early as 2028 with network capacity available to match stakeholder aspirations.

Key examples of our core commitments for 2023-2028 are:

WPD to be

net zero

by 2028

Regions achieve



by as early as 2028

Ready for 




Same day 


response for 


£60 million 

saved by


fuel poor customers


smart energy

action plans


Read our Business PlanDocument libraryExperience the planFind out more